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Cellufill® Collagen Particles

Experience the revolutionary Cellufill, a natural-based product crafted for first aid and advanced wound care practices, now available without a prescription. Leveraging our proprietary Kollagen™ technology that revolutionized the wound care industry in 1991, Cellufill stands out as a breakthrough solution. These particles utilize 100% non-hydrolyzed Type 1 Bovine collagen, retaining its natural triple helical structure to optimize tissue regeneration through all four wound healing phases.


Key Features:

Stops Minor Bleeding

Promotes New Tissue Growth

Results in Stronger, Better Looking Scars


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How to Apply:

Cleanse the Wound: Initiate the healing process by cleansing the wound with a wound cleanser for optimal results.

Apply Cellufill: Directly apply Cellufill particles on the open wound, maximizing collagen surface area for enhanced healing.

Cover with Adhesive Bandage: Secure the wound with an adhesive bandage to maintain a sterile environment and protect against external elements.

Change Dressing as Needed: Ensure continued effectiveness by changing the dressing whenever the cover bandage is wet or dirty.


Single-patient use ensures hygiene and effectiveness.

Sterile until opened, guaranteeing the integrity of the collagen particles.

Store at room temperature to preserve the product’s efficacy.

Do not use if the package is damaged for your safety.

Caution: Do Not Use:

By individuals with allergies to beef products.

As a substitute for medical attention in cases of third-degree burns. Seek professional medical assistance for severe burns.

Elevate your wound care routine with Cellufill Collagen Particles, a natural-based solution designed to close even the most complicated wounds. Unleash the power of advanced wound care with Cellufill and witness the transformative effects on tissue regeneration.


Five 1gm tube per box


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