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SkinGentle™ Silicone Foam

SkinGentle™ silicone foam dressing technology has five layers that absorb moderate to heavy amounts of wound fluid to provide an even moisture balance conducive to wound healing. The gentle silicone border reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding skin and helps minimize pain with dressing changes.


Key Features:

Technology to support optimal healing: Silicone contact layer prevents trauma during dressing changes. Highly absorbent foam pad wicks excess drainage.

Prevent damage: Gentle adhesive border secures dressing to provide a comfortable fit for all-day wear. The foam pad protects from pressure and wicks drainage from fragile new tissue. The breathable design prevents excess moisture buildup.

Easy application: Peel and stick design for easy use and removal. Sterilized individual packaging to maintain a clean wound environment.

Multiuse: Silicone is appropriate for use on many types of open wounds with moderate to heavy drainage. It can also protect full-thickness wound injuries and superficial wounds while healing. It is suitable for use on adults and children.


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How to Apply:

Cleanse the wound and surrounding skin with a wound cleanser.

Remove the film backing of the dressing.

Apply silicone foam dressing, covering the surrounding skin by at least 1 inch.

Change the dressing depending on the wound drainage amount, keeping the wound at an even moisture balance. Not too wet, not too dry.


Moderately to heavy draining wounds.

Leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, pressure wounds, skin tears.

Primary or secondary wound dressing for chronic and acute, partial-full thickness wounds, including superficial wounds.

Skin Abrasions, trauma wounds, first and second-degree burns, and cavity wounds as a secondary dressing.


If you develop redness, warmth, fever, swelling, increased pain, or drainage; contact your physician.


Five 1gm tube per box


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