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Kollavet® Collagen Sheets

For All Your Furry and Feathered Friends:
Kollavet Wound Care Sheets are designed to provide effective and natural wound healing for your beloved pets, working animals, livestock, and even reptile companions. When it comes to wound care for pets, we’ve got you covered.

Versatile and Effective:
Our collagen products are ideal for a wide range of indications, including small to large draining wounds, surgical sites, traumatic wounds, superficial injuries, burns, footpad injuries, hot spots, and lick granulomas. No matter the size or type of wound, Kollavet offers a safe, natural, and effective solution.

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Convenient Application:

Using Kollavet Wound Care Sheets is straightforward. Begin by cleansing the wound with a wound cleanser, and then apply the sheets in a layer that’s approximately 1/4 inch thick to cover the entire wound surface.
Secure it with an absorbent dressing or aerosol bandage, and continue to use Kollavet sheets until the wound is fully healed.

Routine Care:
To ensure the best results, change the dressing daily. After removing the cover dressing, follow the steps outlined under Product Application as needed to support the healing process.


It’s essential to note that our product is derived from bovine (cattle) material and should be stored at room temperature. Kollavet is intended for single use, and any open or unused vials should be discarded properly.

Kollavet Wound Care Sheets are here to help you provide the best possible care for your animal companions.
Trust in the power of Kollavet for safe, natural, and effective wound care, ensuring your pets and animals can heal quickly and comfortably.

PET FIRST AID ESSENTIAL : Best For all Animal Wounds in all Phases of wound healing
SAFE & EFFECTIVE : Made From 100% Native Type I Bovine Collagen Natural
VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Helps Wound Healing For Small & Large Animals
MADE IN USA: Compliant with FDA, ISO, and other regulatory bodies and systems
HBS Manufacturer of Wound Care Products in USA
Works Great for: surgical sites, traumatic wounds, superficial wounds, burns, footpad injuries,
hot spots, and lick granulomas, Small to large draining wounds.

2" x 2" piece, five per box, 7" x 7" piece, five per box


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